TDL05 – Production Values

Today we discuss a huge spectrum of things, from the current Australian Penalty Rates dispute, to Pamela Anderson’s False Rape Allegations. On a more positive note, we introduce our new segment “Fake News” and end…

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The Wage Gap is False! – TDL Episode 4

Wow, We made it to four without being banned from our own website. That can happen right?? We successfully didn’t talk about Trump.. I think. As usual, make sure you tell your friends, Share on…

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TDL Episode 3 – Trumpimorphs

The third installment! Funky intro music Jay reviews crappy movies soothing indian voices Jay once dressed up as Superman!? Why no weird shirts this time?  

TDL Episode 2

The second installment of your favorite podcast has just dropped! Check it! Remember to tell your friends! – Awkward intro – Ermagherd – Feed getting worked on!

TDL Episode 1

The long awaited episode is here! We will have more intergration coming shortly, with a Podcast Feed, for your listening pleasure! In this show – Introductions – Religion – Feminazis – Islam – Terrorism or…