Ned Kelly should be seen as the psychopath he was

I am Australian – I have been all my life – however I cannot seem to get past the fact that idiotic Australians, who tend to be the majority of Aussies now a days, seem to revere Ned Kelly as an Australian Hero. Someone to look up to.

Ned Kelly

Kelly at 16, in his armor, and later on in life

Did we forget that he was a hardened fucking criminal?

How is it that in Australia, we idolize such a stain on society? Even our Government totes him as one of our “Greatest folk heroes”. Bogans mark their skin forevermore with the seemingly patriotic slogan “Such is Life” again and again, and all the while I feel like he was a psychopathic murderer.

When it comes down to it, the Ned Kelly story is pretty impressive, in the same way that Hitler’s story is pretty impressive. It’s full of atrocities, laced with crime and on occasion, sickening.

What is more sickening to me is that our society has glorified the actions that this murder chose to do. I couldn’t tell you a single name of any of the Police that Kelly murdered. Everyone I know is aware of Ned Kelly, and his infamous armor. In primary school, and even throughout Secondary College, we were shown stories of the Kelly Gang, in a light that made him out to be similar to Robin Hood. Many still believe he stole from the “establishment & Rich” and gave back to the poor and the misfits.

I like to make my own mind up about things like this, and I do my own research, instead of just believing what I have been told, and I spent literally minutes trying to validated this belief that Kelly was a hero. That he was an Australian Robin Hood. I cannot find a skerrick of evidence, anywhere, that he was anything of the sort.

Old peoples with guns

Some say he had a hard life – I am certain that everyone in the 19th Century had a much harder life than we can even imagine nowadays, yet the majority didn’t become outlaws and murderers. The fact that we as a society do not know the names of the Policemen that attempted to protect us from this pathetic excuse for a legend is disgusting in my books, and it is something that should be brought up more often.

Sgt Kennedy was one of the policemen Kelly and his gang murdered. He was found with multiple gunshot wounds that occurred after he was already dead. The Australian “Legend” left another human being so far mutilated that the wife of Sgt Kennedy was not allowed to see the body. This is a man that is idolized, and treated as a legend. A hero.

I spent a long time pondering why large portions of Australia’s young people have this intense hatred for Police. Calling them “Pigs” and acting like they are only there to make your life hard. I realized after a while, that most people are brought up being taught that the bad guy is a Cop, when in the majority of cases they have committed their life to protecting us. We need to change. I’d imagine that people with Nazi symbols tattooed on their bodies are seen as disgusting human beings, but we all know that douche-bag with a “Such is life” tattoo.

Why do people want this on their skin!?

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  1. > I couldn’t tell you a single name of any of the Police that Kelly murdered…

    > we as a society do not know the names of the Policemen that attempted to protect us…

    > Sgt Kennedy


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