The Ugly Truth: If you’re upset at Trump’s victory, you should be blaming Hillary.


When this is the best America has to offer, this is what America deserves.

Firstly, this will be a short one. No huge rantings or ravings necessary here. What happened happened, and now is a period for watching, waiting and possibly more than anything, reflection – not ranting and raving. Secondly, Once again, because of the grossly label obsessed political climate we’ve been thrust into, I feel the need to clarify that I am not pro Trump or pro Clinton – I’m a centrist. I don’t swing towards either of those two. Which perhaps makes me the most qualified person around to say these things I’m about to say.

Hillary Clinton is almost entirely to blame for Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign success.

How can I say this? Quite easily. Let’s have a solid look at the campaign these two politicians have run.

Donald Trump went to the states and counties where he was unlikely to win, electorates that have traditionally always voted for the Democratic leader. He put on a show there. He appealed to every American’s sense of patriotism. He promised to restore the U.S. To it’s glory days and fix the economy. He promised security. But most importantly he did it where people needed convincing, not where he was assured votes, he went where he had to work for those votes. His stance on virtually every issue could be simplified and summed up with a three word slogan. He had strong iconography with those ‘make America great again’ caps you saw in every photo. He was in many ways, as far from a politician as you can get – which made the fact he was doing a better job at being a politician all the more astounding.

Then you’ve got Hillary.


“If only my emotions were like a simple email, so that I could delete them.” – Former next president Hillary Clinton.

She was lazy and complacent. She did not invest nearly as much time impressing the general disenfranchised public, and instead based her campaign on two things, one being her gender and how America should have it’s first female President, and the other essentially boiled down to “I’m not Trump.” which is profoundly weak. She worked hard at impressing the press, and wall street, and she had all those celebrity endorsements to try and get the youth vote, the black vote, the Hispanic vote and the gay vote… But here’s the thing about minorities: There’s less of them than there are majorities – hence the term minority. Shameless pandering to minorities should work in conjunction WITH a good campaign, like Obama ran those eight years ago. Sleeves rolled up, boots dusted, a good long run spent with the people of America, who news flash: The vast majority of which are poor, miserable white people.

Hillary was lazy, and assumed her connection to lobbyists, celebrity endorsements, wall street special interest groups and other political pundits would carry her through – but this is exactly what Trump, ironically enough, was able to cash in on. The whole 1% thing. Who ever thought Donald Trump would be the champion for the poor and working class by attempting to dismantle the financial and political systems that structure class warfare? Not me. Probably not you either.

My point is, she could have won. Maybe she should have won – it’s too early to say. But she didn’t win because of her assumption that it was in the bag, and her unwillingness to work nearly as hard for it. Say what you will about Trump, he worked damn hard for this. In the face of a media shit storm, he worked hard. Hillary Clinton did not, and in doing so she has gift wrapped the keys to the White House and delivered them to the doors of Trump Tower herself.

So next time you get all high and mighty, smug and preachy on Facebook or Twitter, or Tumblr or Youtube, just remember: Hillary let you down. She betrayed your interests and thought so little of you that she didn’t consider you worth working to impress. You’re a free citizen with a right to vote. You are worth more than that woman believes. You are worth impressing. Worth effort. Worth trying and campaigning. Remember that come 2020. You’re worth a lot more than such a lazy campaigner, and maybe you won’t be in this sad, sorry situation.

With all the good, bad and ugly on the horizon, I for one, look forward to seeing what happens next.

The ogre is now king, and the witch who thought her magic would be enough is defeated. It’s a brave new world.1478755025850

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