The benefits to a Trump Victory, from the mind of a Non-Trump supporter.

Now I know sporting any views short of utter disdain for Presidential Candidate Donald J Trump is frowned upon, and giving praise to the man for any reason – legitimate or otherwise – is cause for a medieval style social media hobbling, but I think we need to have a serious talk about the silver linings to Donald Trump. Yes, I believe there are a few things that even Trump’s opponents would benefit from should the unlikely come to pass.

Hear me out, as I think this will be something the Anti-Trump crowd will revel in.

1. Donald Trump is an inept communicator and will struggle to get any sort of legislature passed in congress.
Politics is a messy game. And Trump has alienated not only his opposition, but many of his own Republican part82ou8pgy members no longer support his agenda. Now for all the talk Trump has on Mexican walls, Muslim’s wearing articles of clothing to identify them and so forth… Do any of us really, really believe that Donald is savvy enough to convince enough congressmen to agree to enact his policies? Does anyone really think that he can have enough support on the floor of the Capitol building to push any bills? If his own party barely back him, how can anyone else? And it does take more than just one’s own party to be a successful President. Look at Obama – every time he tried to enact gun safety laws, or education/health care reform – they shot him down, figuratively speaking, because even he, charismatic charmer that he is, couldn’t convince the American congress to support his radical motions. Someone like Trump would have no chance. He would be ineffectual as a leader. Which leads me to point number two…

2. If support from his own party continues to drop, he could be removed from office.
Here’s the thing, if he’s found to have acted outside the best interests of the party, they can drop him. He can lose all support. If he’s found to be acting outside of the terms and conditions that come with the gig, he can be impeached. Watergate ring a bell? Someone like Trump is used to having totalitarian control, and the thing is…that’s just not the world of the President. As a leader, he’d have more rules to adhere to. If he doesn’t tow the line, he can be kicked out before even seeing out a full term. As an Australian, we’ve seen the same thing happen some three times in the last decade. Kevin Rudd (yes we had a leader named Kevin) was dropped and replaced as Prime Minister by Julia Gillard, who then was replaced by Kevin again. Then Tony Abbott, leader of the then opposition party, then took office as Prime Minister, who was recently replaced by Malcolm Turnbull. This is since 2010. My point is, a leader needs to actually be a leader, and look at the current state of the Republican Party – they ain’t happy with Ol’ Donald. Which leads me into my third point….
3. Trump’s most important weapon will disappear if he’s elected: His words.
Now what the hell could I mean by this? Well, he has the ability to speak his mind and run whatever speeches he wishes at this point. The buck stops with him. If elected, he has to do something he’s never done before…act presidential. Which means a whole other style of leadership, he has to be careful not to alienate constituents, not offend the press, not antagonise the party members on either side (see point 2) lest he lose office. My point here is that Trump actually stands to lose a great deal of the very power that made him such a controversial candidate. He simply won’t be able to be controversial any more. He literally cannot run his mouth. Watch as his infamous Twitter account is run by a team of media analysts. His speeches careful scrutinised by the Whitehouse scribes. If he’s elected, this dog will lose his bark.

So my real point is, you may dispose Donald Trump, you may loathe all that he is and all he stands for… but there’s a few bits of saving grace that should be kept in mind should he find himself in the Oval Office.

I don’t support Trump. But I also don’t support group think or crowd mentality that clouds objectivity. And when it comes to politics, being objective is really, really important. It’s very unlikely that he’ll win, but I like to think that if he loses, it should really come down to his being the less qualified/appropriate candidate, and not how many rants John Oliver has shared on Facebook. It makes me sad to see that the leadership of the United States boils down to personality over policy. So few people seem to be able to articulate what Donald Trump stands for/against, and what Hillary Clinton stands for/against. Instead it’s fearmongering because Trump is a lose canon…well duh. Water is wet, grass is green. We get it. The election is within a month now and all people are talking about is He said She said – why aren’t people talking about the issues? I digress.

If you dislike Trump, fear not. If he’s miraculously elected, it’s not the end of the world.

Clinton on the other hand…funny-hillary-clinton-meme-the-problem-isnt-so-much-that-hillary-is-a-corrupt-lying-criminal-photo

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