Why I offend people

People in the western world, not just one country, seem to get up in arms instantly over anything that is politically incorrect. More often than not, it’s the people who are completely disconnected from the thing they are getting offended by.

offendedI like to offend. I like to incite rage – especially where it is someone who really doesn’t deserve to be enraged getting pissed off. I am opinionated, and people don’t like that. It is seen as “bullying” when I tell people that they are fat, or ugly, but it is acceptable to say someone is thin or pretty. Is everyone thin and pretty? Should we all be called thin and pretty even if we are not?


I can imagine the conversation..
Man 1 – “How much do you weigh?”
Woman 1 – “I just peaked at 112kg”
Man 1 – “Oh my you are so thin”
Woman 1 – “Thank you I’m glad you think so”
Me – “Liar! She’s a fatty”
Woman 1 – *cries*
Man 1 – “How dare you tell the truth to this woman!”

This attitude perpetuates the concept that we are all equal. I’m sorry but that is just not true. More physically attractive are going to be more physically attractive and thus they will be given opportunities that unhealthy, unattractive people will not. There is some exceptions, if someone is a good-natured, funny person that you can relate to then it takes away from the fact that they are overweight. If you are a foul human being, who is constantly being annoying, and frustrating then, again you will struggle.

The world has become far too soft, we are obsessed with shooting down whoever offends someone, whoever says something that is a little bit politically incorrect. If I had a dollar for every time that a straight person got offended by the way that I refer to my openly Gay fag-friend, then I’d have about 23 Dollars. 23 Dollars too much!

Leslie Jones, one of the stars of the pathetic reboot of Ghostbusters, recently got in a bit of trouble on Twitter by getting unduly offended by being called out as being a terrible actor, with no creative skills. She is a black woman, playing to the stereotype of independent black woman who don’t need no man, what seems like constantly in the worst movie of the century. She’s not funny, she’s a terrible actor, and Milo Yiannopoulos and others told her that. Apparently even if you are a Hollywood superstar in one of the most talked about movies of the last few years, your skin – like burnt paper, is weak and crumbles easily.

Of course, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey talked to Leslie Jones, and then lo and behold, Milo is banned!

This was obviously a politically biased decision, as there are absolutely horrible people on Twitter still able to use it to their means. Milo is a Trump supporter, and Twitter had been looking for an excuse to get rid of him for a while. In a similar vein Azealia Banks has also been banned off twitter a week or so after announcing she also supported Trump. Yeah she went a bit haywire, but she also made a good point in that ISIS and Nazi accounts (The people who ACTUALLY want to hurt other people, and mean harm to entire groups of people, namely western society) are still allowed, yet someone speaking their mind that goes against the progressive left’s politically correct culture is not!

The majority prefers people to have freedom of speech. It is a huge part of American society, even western society to a point. Our parents and Grandparent’s generations fought for the freedom to be offensive. However there is this consensus among our society that wants to take away that freedom of speech, because some people can get upset and the last thing you want to do is hurt people with some words!

Now the SJW’s of this world fight for control and restriction on what we say. We hear constantly about how “Everyone” hates Donald Trump because he is offensive, however polls from the current US election say almost the opposite. A lot of the general public really likes Trump. He speaks more honestly than any other politician I know. Yes he offends people. Who cares? Only the soft-cock idiots who get offended for other people.

“Truth Hurts”

Apparently it really hurts, especially if someone says something that you feel that someone else might get offended by! How about we start teaching people how words don’t matter again, and then maybe society can learn to accept the truth and move forward.

Get offended.


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