Triggered – A Poem


They said some things that I did not like,
Inspired my ire and sharpened pike,
I could not fathom the words left said,
Have such standards as once were held
been abandoned and left for dead?

The words that sat upon my screen,
hung sad and surreal like a sordid dream,
That caused my stomach to turn and cry in pain
O’, for such harshness brings my struggled heart to weep,
and weep it does, again, again and again.

The anonymous and unnamed,
The hurt, wounded, broken and shamed,
The dance we do with keys on a board,
The words we say, like “FAT” and “WOMAN”
cut me deeper than the sharpest sword.

Tumblr is mine castle, it’s towers high
We do not use pronouns like “Girl”, “Lady”, or “Guy”.
We accept all genders, be it gay, lesbian, bi or one of the 39 others
We welcome all! Regardless of creed!
Unless you’re one of those straight, white brothers.

You may think that I’m crazy, you CIS-gendered scum,
But I am your worst nightmare, and I’ve barely begun.
To throw down the patriarchal system that’s too long been here,
I might be a “femenazi” but don’t think that’s a laugh
I’m nothing to laugh at, my intent is severe.

So use only the words of which I have approved,
Because use the wrong ones and you’ll see me quite moved.
I’ll cry, and I’ll flail and I’ll seem like a head case,
but it’s you who’s triggered me.
So get THE FUCK out of my face.

So yes, because of your nasty words, I’ve been triggered,
And yet, of what caused it, I doubt your man-brain has figured.
You think with your dick, while you double click,
It’s not that I hate ALL men…
Just the ones like you who make me sick.

I am.
I will forever be.



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