The Rise Of The Nega-Feminist, and her battle with the Nu-Feminist.

The year is 2016, and the internet has brought many shifts to our culture over the years since it’s creation by Steve Jobs in 2004. But perhaps no change has been greater than the sudden and unprecedented influx of extremist views presented and expressed in public forums.

Before the internet, in a time where everything was sepia toned and guitar solos were in songs rather than rap breaks by skinny women trying hard to look tough, if a person held a view on a topic that was unconventional, controversial or extreme – that person was forced by social convention to refrain from sharing it, lest they be tarred and feathered. Which I assume is a literal practice in some parts of the world.

Flash forward to present day and within the hallowed confines of the internet people are gifted with something that can be used as a shield, or a sword. Anonymity. With the ability to hide one’s identity online comes a freedom from consequence that has birthed a trend, a movement, a clash of warring tribes. The conflict of Nu-Feminists and Nega-Feminists.

Feminazi Symbol

A Nu-Feminist is often found sporting a partially or completely shaved head, squared shoulders and a solid build to suit, lipstick 38 shades darker than the human eye can detect and glasses that a librarian might wear in a high school comedy movie set in1986. She’s likely a vegan. Possibly corrects other people’s use on gender appropriate language, and most importantly – holds extreme views on the male portion of society. The #KillAllMen tag has circulated the Twittersphere – a word I’m not comfortable using, but stay with me – and brought out hordes of these Nu-Feminists all sharing what essentially equates to violent death threats in the name of, ironically enough, gender equality.

Now with this, a new breed has been sprung forth.

The Nega-Feminist.

Her only defining attribute is a single phrase she will use when threatened by her opposing ideology.

“She’s not a real feminist.”

Now, the scary thing about this is that not only does it splinter and segregate an ideology which was once very clear in its values, but it also seems to dictate authority to proclaim who is a member of this special club and who isn’t.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Typical male diatribe. Check your privilege. Triggered. All that.
I’m not here to force a war between the sexes, and my gender doesn’t have anything to do with the discussion at hand – which is purely speculative discussion built around the splintering of Feminism into opposing factions.

One faction spouts a separatist ideology in which MEN, rather than social inequalities are the enemy to battle. The other espouses that these other feminists are the evil poisoning the well of peace.

Here is my 20c on the matter. That 20c being the 20c extra I get paid to the dollar for being a man. That’s how it works right? Anyway. My take…

When preaching peace and tolerance – building walls is the last thing anyone should do. Whether it’s a wall around yourself, your gender or your beliefs. It doesn’t matter what word you use to define your belief system, whether it’s feminist, or ‘no really, actual feminist.’ It’s what you do. How you treat people that matters. Because at the end of the day, we’re all the same deep down. Creatures that need love, and respect.
Now make me a fucking sandwich, bitch.

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